APRSBB v1.01(B)

Alright, new release is going up as we speak. I ended up organizing most of the code to be a little bit more efficient and to allow the different layers of the program to communicate easier (the fact that Java FORCES you to use these “layers” is a separate discussion).

Aside from the slightly changed architecture, the new program includes a logging interface. Every time you start the program, it will start writing a log to “/SDCard/Blackberry/APRSBB/APRSBBLog.txt.” Hopefully some of you can ship me those logs and we can get these problems solved in a much more timely fashion. Those of you who have devices that are on corporate lock-down, I don’t know if this whole logging thing will work for you or not or if it will be blocked. I guess we’ll just handle that on a case-by-case basis.

I decided to use the SD Card memory for two reasons.

  1. The last 3 Blackberrys that I’ve owned have had SD Cards installed by the carrier, so I think most people have them now.
  2. I don’t want to be the one to tie up precious on-board memory. If you don’t have an SD card APRSBB should still function just as it has been…… theoretically.

DO NOT SEND LOG FILES OVER THE LIST. They contain your password! Not to mention, everyone does not need to be getting the logs, you can send them to me at MY address and I will inspect them.

As always newest release is at http://aprsbb.bluearray.net/current/ on your blackberry device.

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5 Responses to APRSBB v1.01(B)

  1. rob moser says:

    I’ve downloaded latest version but iam stuck as to how to make it work

    73′s vazkkw rob

  2. Alex says:

    Nice job Chris, A really useful companion to my VX-3

  3. Nabil ABOU JAOUDE says:

    Hello installed on my BlackBerry Bold 9000
    I’m geting the following message as I press on start & save
    ā€¯Manager Start failed”
    Any ideas on what is the issue here ?
    73′s de OD5NA

  4. BH4AIK says:

    So nice app, but I have a very basic question… after entered the app, the callsign and psw were required to begin the tracking. Is that the callsign and psw which I registered on aprs.fi? Thanks!

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